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The main purpose of the VLADI Design Studio is visual and graphic support creating stunning images to accompany prestigious sporting events such as Polo, Golf, Yachting and Formula 1.
The studio consists of two sections which include a team of highly skilled professional dedicated to creating cutting edge styles and designs. The best architects, the most talented interior designers and world-famous authors of contemporary art are combined to create their masterpieces.
The division tasked with designing inhabited and public interiors is the place where functionality meets comfort making the dreams of the most significant sporting events from around the world come true in both design and usability.
The second division who are tasked with "visual communications" take pride in their ability to heighten the ongoing projects by empowering the designs with graphic elements making eye catching use of color, gamma, photos and fonts.
All this combined creates the unique image of the event, turning it into a brand.
A little bit of advertising – and the whole world watches and waits in anticipation of the coming spectacular sporting event.