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"Contemporary art has no more boundaries. We are no longer restricted to classical forms of literature, of art, sculptures, monuments, etc. ..
Art is the fruit of your feelings, which is born from an excess of love for life. "

VLADI ART & POLO MAISON – The pay-off for 7 years intense activity after the foundation of VLADI POLO Industria.
For the first time in the history of polo an organised thematic exhibition "Art & Polo" took place in October 2008 thanks to the VLADI Art Maison..
The grand opening of this historic event took place in the Palace of the Senate, Rome. The exhibitions that followed in the dungeons of the Valentini Palace on the Piazza Venezia, in the New Palace on the Capitoline Hill and at the Palace of Wedekind at the Piazza Colonna became a compulsory element in the annual events list.
Thanks to new techniques, an extraordinary perception of the world and a creative approach all the masterpieces displayed convey the story of their creator's inspiration. Passion and generosity for polo, adrenaline for Formula 1, Golf and harmony united under the arms of VLADI Art & Polo Maison at the Palazzo Borghese and revealing a true lifestyle philosophy. The infinite depth of feelings experienced by the artists to create works fill our life with emotions and leave us with the shadow of hidden meaning.
The unique collection of contemporary art at VLADI Art & Polo Maison can be viewed in the Palazzo Borghese by appointment.