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Bump – when a player directs his pony into the side of an opponent's pony.
Nearside – left side of the polo pony.
Offside – right side of the polo pony.
Pony goal – a goal scored by the legs or torso of a pony. Goals scored in this way are always a huge delight to the audience.
Leave it – drive past the ball so that a teammate in a better attack position can take it.
Handicap – A player's ranking, reflecting his/her ability. The team handicap is the sum of the handicap ratings of all its players on the field. Polo competitions are held separately for each category of handicap.
Pass (forehand) – A mallet stroke used to pass the ball forward or
sideways to a teammate.
Backshot (backhand) – A stroke used to pass the ball backwards to a teammate.
Neckshot – Hit the ball out from under the pony's neck.
Tailshot – Hit the ball from under the pony's rump.