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VLADI is always around you.... The phrase that inspires confidence and enthusiasm to those who have discovered the world of polo.

 VLADI POLO Industria is the international leader in the field of polo, producer of innovative and unique projects in Europe and CIS countries and the official operators of the Italian Polo Federation (Federazione Polo Italiana) and the Eurasian Polo Committee. The headquarters matches the company philosophy of combining stunning design with excellence in the form of the Palazzo Borghese in Rome. The organisation is not simply one entity but rather a series of departments that all work together in harmony and from this are able to, through well constructed projects, integrate polo as an innovative instrument for not only economic development but also social development by effective use of human resources and stimulating cultural growth.

The main objective of VLADI POLO Industria is to create and sustain an integrated, developed polo enterprise as a non-extractive sector of the economy which will contribute to the socio -economic development of CIS countries and enhance the value of human capital in the region. This is important as it shifts the balance of power away from only extractive economies who rely on the supply of natural resources as a driving force.
VLADI POLO Industria implements its tasks and objectives based primarily on the fact that polo is a unique and innovative tool which efficiently solves the problem of unemployment while at the same time adds diversity to the job markets in the sectors of: agriculture, tourism, physical education and sports, youth policy and cutting edge business and industrial development. Thus polo ensures optimal use of the non-extractive resources of regions - the rich terrain, history, culture and people.
Polo offers a wide range of opportunities to people from all social backgrounds from those currently engaged in big businesses to unqualified individuals who are interested in learning something new or engaging in a new profession.
In Russia there are currently 3 clubs and now polo has spread and is developing in other CIS countries. Following the formation of the Kazakhstan Polo Federation the sport became part of the President's multi-sport club "Astana" bringing it in line with other top flight sports. This years Arena Polo World Cup was held in Baku, Azerbaijan and was a resounding success.
At present there are many people starting new career paths through the VLADI POLO Academy and into the polo world. VLADI POLO Industria currently has agreements with Italy's universities providing students with direct access to the polo industry through our many and varied training schemes. Following this precedent the universities in Russia and Kazakhstan are following suit and we are now in the process of harmonizing to best fill the needs of all. Experts from around the world are enjoying the benefits of studying and training in the VLADI POLO Academy.
Here are some of the most popular professions that are offered: Polo player, riding trainer, polo pony breeder, event organiser, manager, travel agent, marketing specialist, critic, journalist and designers and manufacturers of clothing and equipment.
VLADI POLO Industria was founded in London in 2003 by Vladlena Hermés, the first Russian polo player of the post-Soviet period.
Madame Hermés began her career in law in Italy, 1991. She advised citizens of CIS countries and also the residents of the State of New York (USA). In 1995 Vladlena Hermés was asked to accept the position of President and CEO of the International Business Club 'Quattro Fontane' in Rome. Her expertise includes the implementation of joint government programs to develop business projects between Russia and Italy. From 2000 to 2005 Madame Hermés turned her career and prowess to the real estate markets of the United Kingdom, Italy and France.
From 2005 to the present Madame Hermés has lead the way as the President of the Federazione Polo Italiana, Chairman of VLADI POLO Industria and the EURASIAN POLO COMMITEE and social entrepreneur.